Customer Training

We at Dafco Filtration Group are proud to provide a wide range of product training offered by our in-house NAFA certified product specialists.

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Filter Service & Installation

Dafco Filtration Group’s qualified service representative work with building engineers to develop a program of supply and installation of air filters that will significantly reduce maintenance and service to HVAC equipment.

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Laboratory Services

Dafco Filtration Group takes pride in our state-of-the-art laboratory that assists customers in classifying the level of air quality in each individual environment. Each year, over twenty thousand analyses are generated in twelve different languages. We also offer on-site assessments upon request.

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Dafco Filtration Group offers in depth site survey inspections at no charge to help provide customers with the best filtration options tailored to their unique facilities and environments. Please submit a request so that we can schedule one of our NAFA air filtration specialist to walk through your facility and discuss your indoor air quality requirements.

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Total Cost of Ownership in Analysis

An average Commercial Building uses over 50% of the energy bill related to HVAC System. Using the recommended Dafco Filtration Group Air Filter you could lower your overall energy consumption by 20%.

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Zero Waste and Volume Reduction Program

Every day, Canadians across the country continue to face many environmental challenges, including climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.

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