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m3 panel

M3 Panel & Link Filters

The M3 Panel is constructed using 2 layers of Synthetic Media sealed over a metal wire support frame. Air entering side (white) consists of a dry layer while the air exiting side (green) features a nonmigrating adhesive to trap fine dust particles in the filter.

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3 ply panel

3 Ply Panel

The 3 Ply Panel incorporates 3 distinct layers heat-sealed around a sturdy internal wire frame. The first layer acts as a high-porosity impingement filter, the second as a high density interceptor and the third as a durable strainer to prevent unloading or streaming. A nonmigrating Tackifier between the second and third laminates ensures positive filter-cake build up.

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series 400

Series 400 Pleat

The Series 400 Pleat is an ideal medium efficiency product that will operate under higher air volumes due to an increased surface area. 

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class 1 pleat

Class 1 Pleat

The Class 1 Pleated Filter will operate at temperatures up to 400°F. Encased in a galvanized metal frame, the microglass pleated media has a reinforced scrim backing that prevents any media migration downstream of the filter. This product is ideal for use in high temperature systems to ensure a quality finish during the baking process. 

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