Filtration Total Cost of Ownership

Filtration Total Cost of Ownership – What you need to know.

When evaluating multiple filters against each other, it is very common to focus on the initial DP as the primary indicator of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a given product. However dust holding capacity (DHC) is just as important as Initial Pressure Drop (DP). 

Learn the importance of evaluating the dust holding capacity of air filter products that would fit best in your environment...

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Yorkdale Toronto

Dafco-nominated Oxford Properties Group Receives 2018 National Air Filtration Association Clean Air Award

October 4th, 2018  - Toronto, Ontario: In August 2018, Oxford Properties Group received the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) Clean Air Award, after being nominated by Dafco. The Clean Air Award annually recognizes leadership excellence in air filtration.

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Wildfires BC

August 2018: Dafco Filtration Group responds to a state of emergency with filtration solutions

Dafco's team has assisted multiple healthcare facilities in upgrading their filtration systems to meet the immediate air quality concerns and protect patients in critical environments.

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Dafco Case Study School

Dafco Filtration Group supplies many schools with high quality pleated filters to improve IAQ

We make sure your most precious assets breathe healthy air in schools throughout Canada.

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High Rise Buildings

Does your building have Sick Building Syndrome?

Employee productivity has always remained paramount to any organization’s pursuit of success and while many aspects may contribute to this, the importance of maintaining a clean and sustainable work-space has become noticeably evident in recent years. Studies have shown a significant decrease in absenteeism and depression among workers exposed to clean air and a sustainable working environment. The term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) was coined in 1984 by the World Health Organization when reports suggested that up to 30% of new or renovated buildings worldwide were subjected to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Learn how to accomplish the optimal indoor air quality for your workplace...


The High Price of Poor Air Filtration

Understanding the importance of regular filter maintenance and complying with a routine replacement schedule will allow you to better predict and manage the overall operational costs of your business...

Learn the importance of regular filter maintenance and how upgrades in the replacement cycle affect your overall operational costs...

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