Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

We are a leading broad-line manufacturer for a diverse range of product for commercial and industrial HVAC application. 


AIRPORTS IAQ is essential in airports. There has been a 7% increase in airport passengers over the last year and increasing health and safety regulations. Maintaining healthy air in highly populated transportation hubs, both protects passengers and staff from harmful chemicals, bio-particulates and emissions. Carbon filters are extremely affective at removing toxins from the air we breathe. They also […]

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CLEANROOM Whether protecting the health of workers and the patients that will use the medicine being produced or protecting the yield of production – cleanroom filters just must work. All of Dafco Filtration Group’s HEPA and ULPA cleanroom filters are tested to make sure the claimed performance is met, because they have to. Filter efficiency […]

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Commercial Buildings

It is also important to remember, filters do not just cost money – they consume energy. Selecting the right design of filters and maintenance interval for your building can maximize your IAQ and minimize the total cost of ownership of filters. Picking the right filter is important but matching it to the right changeout interval […]

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School systems in all types of geographies trust Dafco Filtration Group Products to provide a clean, safe and productive environment for our next generation and those teaching them. Regardless of the local climate, we have products to achieve the Indoor Air Quality levels needed by the students and Total Cost of Ownership demanded by the […]

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Firing Range

Safety standards to avoid lead poisoning have improved over the years but for certain industries the risks will always be high.  Firing ranges are among this list of industries for concern. Most firing ranges have multiple areas that need different degrees of air filtration.  No matter where the location, safety and lead concentration concerns should […]

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public tax office government facilities

Government Facilities

Government Facilities The current Coronavirus pandemic is a new challenge for government facilities that need to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances. Local, state and federal facilities need to implement new measures to limit the amount of time that public spend in place while practicing social distancing. However, even with these new standards, it can […]

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Healthcare applications are among the highest needs for high performing air filtration. So much can be at risk – the health of patients and the health of all the doctors, nurses and other support staff. From protecting a patient in surgery with a MERV 14 or higher filtration system and 20 air changeouts per hour […]

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In the world of hotels & hospitality, the customer experience is paramount. Odors and stale air can drive customers away – and revenue. Having the right setup to deliver well ventilated, fresh, odor and particulate free air should be a priority in any application. From 10,000 sq-ft to 1,000,000+ sq-ft applications, Dafco Filtration Group can […]

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Filters do not just cost money – they consume energy. Selecting the right design of filters and maintenance interval for your factory or warehouse can minimize the total cost of ownership of filters. In selecting filters, it’s easy to hyper-focus on the purchase price and the changeout interval, as that costs money and labor which […]

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Libraries Archives Museums

Most people would think the physical handling of archives and antiques would be the most detrimental to something so precious, but it might be the air surrounding them. Using the proper filters and change out schedule can eliminate molecular and particle contaminants that can ruin that precious work of art or timeless novel. Molecular contaminants […]

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